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Festival Royal de Théâtre de Spa - 59ème édition


Festival Royal de Théâtre de Spa - 59ème édition

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4900 Spa
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"At the beginning of the 1960s, with his song Les comédiens, Charles Aznavour enthusiastically invited his listeners to come and discover the arrival of the artists in the city, an entrance with fanfare synonymous with a party and an exceptional event. Since then, the decentralisation initiated in Spa by the National Theatre has woven a rich and precious network of theatres and cultural centres, creating strong links with the living arts.

We would never have imagined that this thread could be broken, that a whole season could go by without shows. Never would we have imagined that Aznavour's song could resonate so concretely in the summer of 2021.

This edition brings together more than a hundred artists to celebrate the exceptional event of our reunion. Like Aznavour, we fervently invite you to join them.

It will be a great party.

Axel De Booseré, Director of the Royal Festival de Spa 

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Société/Association Le Festival de Spa

Rue du Marché 20
4900 Spa
  • 10 august 2022

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